February 12, 2014
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ettercap 0.8.0 CODENAME: Lacassagne

Hey guys. It's been a long time! I'm back!

Well, this is first post on 2014. Hope you like it.

Today, I will share you a comprehensive suite man in the middle. Yes! It's ETTERCAP! I've compiled the source using Debian x86_64, so this Debian package will work only on x86_64 Debian based distro. But I'm promise, I will make i386 version for this hellish tool.

Bug Fix
!! Fixed some problems in fork and execve usage in case of command failure (sslstrip)
!! Fixed dropping privileges for remote_browser plugin ran as root
!! Fixed infinite loop when a http GET was issued on the attacker browser, while remote_browser was active
!! Fixed some "atexit" bad references
!! Fixed plugin load on text interface, if no number were entered
!! Fixed problem spotted when ethtool wasn't installed on the machine
!! Fixed old "ethereal" references
!! Fixed missing newlines in printf
!! Switching to ps2pdf as default (from ps2pdf13), it should point to ps2pdf14 on all distros
!! Fix cmake file, dropped MACPORTS_BASE_DIRECTORY
!! Fix problem in "stopping attacks" window not properly shown in gtk
!! Fix problem in wrong pcap file saving
!! Fix issue in send_udp function
!! Fix problem in libnet rc detection
!! Fix restore ip_forward by retrying up to 5 times
!! Fix socket issues
!! Fix for hex format display
!! New send_tcp function, taking payload and length
!! Fixed memory leak in remote browser plugin
!! Fixed comparison bug in ec_decode
!! Fixed UI input for GTK
!! Fixed some memory leaks
!! Fixed man pages and AUTHORS file
!! Fixes in sslstrip plugin
!! Many etter.dns fixes
!! Many documentation fixes
!! A ton of refactors/fixes in Cmake scripts
!! Fix GTK crash when scanning hosts
!! Fix build failure on Mac OS X 10.6
!! Crash fix in target selection
!! Disabled UID change for remote browser plugin
!! Fixed remote browser plugin
!! A ton of fixes in protocols and dissectors (dhcp, http, ppp, mpls)

New Features
+ New ettercap logo
+ Renamed help menu to "?", to avoid double "H" shortcut
+ New WARN_MSG warning message
+ Added message in DHCP spoofing when no mitm has started
+ New horizontal scrollbar for messages in gtk view
+ Disabled offload warning messages (only in Release mode)
+ New ettercap-pkexec, policy and ettercap.desktop files for launching ettercap -G as a normal user with sudo privileges
+ Automatic host list refresh in GTK GUI after scanning
+ New fraggle plugin attack
+ New fields in etter.fields file
+ Cherry picked debian patches (svg icon)
+ Added content print on http dissector
+ Added support for negative dns replies
+ Creation of (experimental) unit tests
+ Creation of (experimental) libettercap
+ Now you can build just the ettercap library (libettercap) without any GUIs
+ Added travis-ci support
+ DNS spoofing for IPv6 addresses
+ PDF Docs generation is not optional
+ Added SRV query handling to DNS spoof
+ New mDNS spoof plugin
+ New low level decoders
+ New decoder for ip over pppoe
+ Added PPP DLT to interfaces
+ Add experimental Lua support to Ettercap
+ New Bundle libnet and curl
+ Full support for wifi decrypting (wep and wpa)

- Disabled update feature (not working anymore and not secure)
- Deprecated napster dissector

Grab the package here

Enjoy your brand new ETTERCAP!

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