June 14, 2013

SQUID LUSCA HEAD Installer Alpha 1 Has Been Released!

Last week, I decide to made simple bash script to install SQUID LUSCA HEAD automatically. After 3 - 4 days work hardly to finish it, today I decide to push latest source code to my repository. It's still Alpha 1, which mean it's very unstable. You may encounter several bugs from it, but it's not harmful to your system tho. Please, give a try!

And YES! This is FULLY AUTOMATIC, once you execute it, you'll be able to use the most powerful SQUID LUSCA HEAD on your OS!

How to

1. Download the code:

$ git clone

2. Launch the code

$ cd squid-lusca-installer
$ sudo bash squid-lusca-installer

Known bug:

  1. This script won't run on arch-like linux OS, but I'm promise I'll make this script being able to used by arch user.
  2. This script won't run without root privilege, that because configuration and installing will requiring root privilege. But I'm promise, I'll update the code, so you can run this script without root permission, but you may provide "sudo" password tho.

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