April 9, 2013

Install NVIDIA Driver for Kali Linux

These steps will guide you to install NVIDIA driver on Kali Linux (any architecture).

1. Add Kali Linux Repositories

Command :
red-dragon [~]  echo "deb kali main non-free contrib" > /etc/apt/source.list

Command :
red-dragon [~]  echo "deb-src kali main non-free contrib" >> /etc/apt/source.list

Command :
red-dragon [~]  echo "deb kali/updates main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/source.list

2. Update your repositories

Command :
red-dragon [~]  apt-get update

3. Install Kernel Header

Command :
red-dragon [~]  apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Don't forget to download latest NVIDIA driver from here. Save it anywhere, example on /root/ directory.

4. Disable nouveau driver

Command :
red-dragon [~]  sed 's/quiet/quiet nouveau.modeset=0/g' -i /etc/default/grub

5. Update grub

Command :
red-dragon [~]  update-grub

6. Reboot

Command :
red-dragon [~]  reboot

7. On GRUB Loader, choose Kali Linux OS

8. If you see GDM3 on startup, press CRTL+ALT+F1 to load tty0

9. Login as root

10. Stop gdm3 service

Command :
red-dragon [~]  service gdm3 stop

11. Install NVIDIA driver

Command :
red-dragon [~]  chmod +x NVIDIA-Linux* ; ./NVIDIA-Linux*

Make sure you have download correct NVIDIA driver, check your architecture first before download your driver!

12. Start GDM3 service

Command :
red-dragon [~]  service gdm3 start

13. If you see NVIDIA flash screen, then you are done!

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